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Activities for Pregnant Women

*Some activities may be affected by COVID restrictions, please call ahead*

We have done our best to compile a lit of all the amazing activities in Yellowknife specifically for pregnant women.  Is there something we missed or that needs to be updated?  Please email us at!


Dancing for Birth™


With each class you’ll learn simple techniques that support a safer, easier birth, and you’ll increase your confidence for empowered, enjoyable birth and mothering. Classes held at the Collective Soul Space (lower level, Scotia Centre).  For more information, email or call 445-5888.

Prenatal Yoga at Taiga Yoga


Suitable for all stages of pregnancy, these classes incorporate practices that are intended to be transformational, designed to enhance the path of self-discovery and to empower and support mama’s-to-be as they prepare for labour and the miracle of childbirth.  Pre-register online to reserve your spot:


RePose Prenatal Movement & Yoga Classes


Appropriate for any stage of your pregnancy, these classes incorporate yoga and other movement techniques to support a comfortable pregnancy and prepare both mind and body for birth.  There is a focus on learning how to align and move well for pregnancy, transforming habitual movement patterns into moving better at home, work and in your life beyond just in the class!  Various techniques are practiced to help you connect with your pelvic floor, core and birthing space, encourage your baby to position well for birth, and prepare for labour.  You’ll experience different ways to breathe that cultivate relaxation and connection with your baby while releasing fear and building confidence for birth! 

Other courses offered at Repose that may be of interest include Fertility Movement & Yoga and Pelvic Floor Workshop (co-taught with physiotherapist).  For more information, visit the Repose Facebook page:  or you can email

City of Yellowknife Recreation


There are also a number of great opportunities to stay active wile pregnant offered through the city, such as water aerobics and walking at the Fieldhouse track while the weather is cold.  Check out the city recreation guide for ideas!   For more information about City of Yellowknife recreation programs and fees, visit

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