2021 Board of Directors

The Moms, Boobs and Babies Board of Directors is a volunteer Board who meets regularly and as needed to ensure this organization and its events continue to improve each year. We appreciate your feedback so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of the Board Members to pass along an idea or suggestions. The 2021 Board is comprised of the following individuals:


Tamika Hessian


I am a mother of two incredible, wild boys. They are 4 and 2 years old, both born in Yellowknife. I was lucky enough to be able to breastfeed both of my children, until I was ready to wean at around 14 months each.

I am originally from Manitoba, but have called Yellowknife my home for the last 6 years. I have been actively involved with MBB since 2019. I have an educational background in Program Planning and Therapeutic Recreation. I am currently an Early Childhood Program Coordinator at the YWCA NWT Family Centre, where I provide programing for family with children 0-6 years old. When I find some down time, I enjoy binge watching some of my favourite TV shows, camping and exploring with my family

Rhiannon pic.jpg

Rhiannon Dunmore


Hi! I'm the mom of one adventurous boy and step-mom of two beautiful girls.  I am currently still breastfeeding my almost-two-year-old; it has been an adventure that I've loved! We are new to YK and love exploring all the new sights. Being a military family, we move around a lot, so the strong sense of community in YK has been very welcoming. Breastfeeding was a rough start for us, as we were required to start with formula feeding and switched to breastfeeding at a few weeks old. I am looking forward to supporting other parents in their unique journey, no matter their choice.


Norah McNaughton

Member at Large

I was born and raised in the NWT and gave birth to my first child, a little girl, in June 2020 who I exclusively breastfed for 6+ months.  I’ve been an LPN since 2012 and am currently enrolled at Aurora College pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  When I’m not busy with school or Mom work, in addition to being an evening Netflix junkie, I love getting outdoors with my family and friends, taking my dog for adventures and play dates, and reading legal thriller fiction novels (I looove John Grisham and Michael Connelly).  I currently sit as a member at large on the MBB board of directors, and look forward to helping and seeing what 2021 has in store for MBB.


Sacha Kelly

Member at Large

I am so excited to join the MBB board as your member at large! I have lived in our wonderful community of Yellowknife for 10 years, and in that time I have given birth to two wonderful tiny humans. Throughout my breastfeeding journey I have utilized this community of moms (and parents) more than I can count and am so excited to have the opportunity give back! I love everything Moms, boobs and babies stand for! Thank you so much and I look forward to getting to know our community better!

carmen pic.jpg

Carmen Griffin


I am a mother of two little ones, 2 years and 5 months old. I have had two incredibly different breastfeeding journeys, and like everything in life, they have been filled  with ups and downs.  Originally from BC, I have called YK home for 6 wonderful years.  I am a Project Manager by profession; I look forward to using these skills on the board and supporting parents through their unique journeys.


Sarah Hodgins


I am a Yellowknifer of 6 years, and am lucky to have given birth to my 5 month old son in the NWT! Although my breastfeeding journey was not as long as intended, I was connected with Moms, Boobs and Babies through the postnatal classes offered to new moms. I now act as the current MBB postnatal class representative, and look forward to assisting as the current Treasurer!


Victoria Lavers

Member at Large

I have two beautiful girls who are 18 months apart. We recently moved to Yellowknife and we are loving our new adventure! I am a member of the Canadian Armed Forces but currently on MAT leave. On top of being a full-time working mom, I also started a little side hustle - The Fresh Prints of Belle-Aire! When I’m not running late for playgroup, chasing my little humans around at gymnastics, or attending meetings over Zoom, you can find me in my home office crafting and/or reading, listening or watching anything “True Crime” related. I’m excited to be apart of Moms Boobs and Babies. I’ve done it all - breastfeeding, supplemental nursing system, exclusive pumping & formula! I think it’s important to promote breastfeeding but equally important to know that 'Fed is Best' and whatever is best for your family - that’s what you should do!


Jolene Krug

Member at Large

Hello! I am a mom of three feisty girls: a 12-year-old, 4-year-old and 1-year-old. I was born in Inuvik, and spent the majority of my life in the NT. I have exclusively breastfed my two oldest until they were almost 3 years old, and I plan to breastfeed my last baby girl as long as I can. I am the Healthy Family Home Visitor for Inuvik, and I am enrolled in the Early Childhood Development distance program. Moms, Boobs, and Babies peer support helped me from afar when I was breastfeeding my middle child. I envy all the moms in Yellowknife that can access the wonderful in-person programs that they offer. I hope to be able to recreate some of this magic here in Inuvik!

Peer Support Training Facilitators


Toni Anderson

Training Facilitator

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Katie Johnson

Training Facilitator

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