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Nipple Diaries: Reflections on the Art of Breastfeeding


Published by Moms, Boobs and Babies


To order the book contact:

$20 each.


The Nipple Diaries, published in April 2011, is a collection of stories about breastfeeding. The stories are based on the experiences of mothers and fathers and incorporate good advice on breastfeeding as well as humour. The stories are intended to give encouragement to others who are struggling to learn the skills of breastfeeding.

The following categories are covered in the book: modesty/cultural norms, accessories (pumps, breast pads, covers, furniture), getting out and about, supply (too much or too little), formula, weaning, sexuality, generational differences, father’s perspective, feeding positions, tricks and tips, and reflections on our society.

We thank the Department of Health and Social Services, Government of the Northwest Territories for a grant to support the development of this book.

Excerpts from the Nipple Diaries

“In the middle of the night I woke up to find my breasts looked and felt like a pair of torpedos ready for launch.”

“It’s the best time of day for me, when my baby is hungry as it’s just [him] and mommy growing together.”


“I just assumed that I would automatically know how to breastfeed my child.”


“Dress in layers where you can lift one layer up and pull one down.”

Survey result

“If your nipples wore something, what would it be?

  • Tea bags

  • I think they would be nudists

  • Jogging pants…”

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