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Peer Support Training

Thank you to the GNWT Department of Health and Social Services Healthy Choices fund and Municipal and Community Affairs Volunteer Development fund for enabling us to offer the past year's training sessions!

                                          Stay Tuned for Upcoming Peer Support Training Sessions!

Are you interested in learning effective and meaningful ways of supporting families in your community to overcome breastfeeding challenges and create a satisfying and successful breastfeeding relationship?  

This is a unique training opportunity to learn how to support other moms in their breastfeeding journeys. The intent of the training session is to build local capacity for peer support, share lots of information about what works to support mothers and resources available, and includes a component where participants discuss what they can do when they return to their home communities to provide peer support locally.  We share Elders’ stories of breastfeeding during the training and discuss how breastfeeding was supported in years gone by, and we aim to involve a few inspirational Elders in our training as well. We have had lots of great feedback on these sessions so far! Childcare is available upon request, babies are welcome, and lunch and snacks will be provided!


To participate, all that is required is that participants have experience breastfeeding (now or years ago), and are interested in supporting other mothers.


You will learn valuable information about breastfeeding, connect with other moms, and if you choose to after the training, you are welcome to become part of our active and supportive breastfeeding peer support community. You will also receive a peer support manual with lots of helpful resources and information.  

We aim to offer this training at least once a year for our peer support volunteers in Yellowknife and will accommodate other community members who would benefit from this training as we can. See below for our upcoming training sessions. To register or for more information please contact

Training Program Objectives

  • To train volunteers to provide peer support through reflective listening, asking of helpful questions and sharing of information rather than giving advice;

  • To build capacity in NWT communities for local breastfeeding support that can assist women to achieve their breastfeeding goals;

  • To provide a safe environment where parents can ask questions or share concerns without fear of judgment or criticism;

  • To increase social connectedness and create a sense of belonging within supporting peer networks;

  • To provide positive role models, positive peer influences, and opportunities to develop a positive self-concept, self-acceptance, and high self-esteem;

  • To provide reliable and current resources to our peer volunteers that can be passed on to our breastfeeding mothers and families.

Welcome to our new Peer Supporters!


Congratulations to everyone who has completed our peer support training!  We are thrilled to have you on board!


Yellowknife Peer Support Training May 2017

Inuvik Peer Support Training February 2017

Yellowknife Peer Support Training October 2016

Hay River Peer Support Training November 2016

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